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RNS-510 (MFD3) Navi System Thread, Need Reapirs: Columbus A in Volkswagen Factory-fit Navigation Systems; Hi Can anyone repair my bricked Columbus rev A, after ...

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    Exclamation Need Repairs: Columbus A

    Can anyone repair my bricked Columbus rev A, after software upgrade stuck, I've tried to use recovery CD's but none of them helped, also downgrade could not be completed, Coolumbus is stuck on logo boot and loops all the time, some repairmen told me that it is impossible to access flash memory as it is corrupted, and main board has to be changed.
    Can someone make the repairs by changing main board or in any other way, I understand that main board change is very expensive, as it costs about 250 EUR, maybe there is another less expensive way, because I can buy another unit for 320 EUR.
    I can send my brick to any EU country by post ir we agree on repair prices.

    Thank You
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