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Firmware Thread, Unofficial 272x software and SWL recovery CD in RNS-510 (MFD3) Navi System; Hi, SWL recovery CD - in case if your unit ...

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    Unofficial 272x software and SWL recovery CD


    SWL recovery CD - in case if your unit is stuck with Gateway Error 202 or some other failure occurs during the upgrade and unit is unable to boot up afterwards. It's based on latest 398x software but can be used to recover RNS-510 running any software version - just insert it and start a new SWL process by pressing Setup + Eject + Info/Mic/whatever top right button. It will try to restore basic coding (including TestMode) and finish SWL, and if your unit is not completely damaged, it will boot up Support for EU/US/CHN units.

    RNS-510 HDD Format CD - it will format both partitions on HDD and all MP3 files and maps will be lost. Run it only if you have problems accessing audio files after software upgrade or you do want to install an older version Navi map. If you want to erase maps only and keep existing MP3 files, then edit the file WA\FORMHDB1.WSH and replace first symbol in line "hdTermFormat("/hdb1",3)" with #
    In some rare cases the MP3 partition can not be formatted with this CD, If this happens, downgrade to software 1200 (it will also format HDD) and then upgrade back to your current version.

    RNS-510 Maps HDD Format CD - it will format only the partition containing the maps, MP3 files should stay intact.

    Modified software for A units. Known issues on Rev. A units - a Regensburg syndrome (navigation always starts in Gemany) and no resume for VBR MP3 files.
    1300 for A/B/C
    2760 for A/B/C
    3810 for A/B/C

    Fix for old CAN gateways. Gateway code (VUCI) from 1200 software - recommended for all A/B/C revision units to solve power drain problem with old* CAN gateways or as an workaround for dim screen problem after updating to firmware 2660 or above. It will update only VUCI part of RNS-510 and it is compatible with units running any software version past 1200. Includes MFSW/Maxidot fix for for pre-FL Skoda Octavia A5. Known issues:
    - no clock on display in standby mode
    - RVC not working
    - not compatible with C12 hardware units (HW Vehicle: 0xCC01)

    Fix for Skoda Octavia A5. It will update only gateway to get working MFSW/Maxidot when Skoda Columbus is installed in pre-facelift Octavia A5 or any VW car.
    Fix for 1xxx/2xxx software
    Fix for 3xxx/4xxx software
    Fix for 5xxx/6xxx software

    Some notes:
    - old CAN gateways are with index less than 1K0 907 530 K for Golf/Skoda Octavia and 3C0 907 530 E for Passat.
    - RNS-510 is very picky on CD media, so I suggest to always burn firmware to the DVD media, not CD.
    - if RNS-510 complains about downgrade error, insert media and reboot unit by pressing Setup + Eject + Info/Mic/whatever top right button together. On US units, use Guide button instead of Setup button.
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